Kreated by Kerry Cosmetics

A Caribbean beauty brand that seeks to provide its customers with authentic and rich products produced from the island of Jamaica.

Girl that lipscrub is amazing and it taste so good! Your lipglosses are the best!

Montego Bay, Jamaica

All of them niceeeee badddddd! Best to ever do it!

Montego Bay, St. James

The lipglosses are wonderful! I love everything! 👏🏾

St. Catherine
I honestly adore your lipgloss. It’s really and truly, honestly the best I’ve ever used. Right now with COVID, I’ve had to buy just regular ones and I’m dying. I have one of yours left and I’m pinching it so it don’t done. The texture is perfect, not too sticky but not grainy either, the smell is heavenly and it LASTS. I don’t have to keep reapplying every minute. I truly enjoy your work.
Kingston, Jamaica

About Us

Kerry-Kay Bennett

Brand Owner

The Jamaican Beauty Brand, Kreated by Kerry Cosmetics, was founded by a young female with high ambitions of making a contribution to the Caribbean beauty industry.

Through our locally manufactured products, we hope to offer a genuine Caribbean experience. With the cosmetics industry's entrepreneurial potential and the promotion of self-love in our products, we work to empower women of all ages.



Montego Bay, St. James- Jamaica

Business Hours

Monday- Friday